September 9th, 2016's been a while. 

Apologies for not keeping up with the blog. A new job, new house and a new baby have been a little on the distracting side this last year. Still, that hasn't slowed down the old comic making. Issue 4 of The Guys has gone to print and is available to buy now either on the merch page or by dropping me an email. I'm also currently inking page 18 of issue 5, Rift of the Shifters, and I feel like my art has finally taken a bit of a step up.

The big news is that a couple of months ago, The Claws was successfully funded on Kickstarter. This was a new experience for me as it involved working with an artist rather than handling all aspects myself. And I have to say - it works for me! There's a difference between writing a crowd scene and then having to draw it! The Claws is a much darker book than The Guys so it was good to stretch different muscles. Also, writing about bad guys is really fun!

My current convention schedule for 2016 is;

ICE in Birmingham, September 10th

Chester comic con, September 25th

MCM Birmingham, November 19th and 20th

Hope to see you there. Cheers,



August 30th, 2015

Welcome, Friends O' The Guys, to this - my first blog entry! How utterly thrilling eh?

So in six day's time, I'll be attending the ICE comic convention in Birmingham - my first ever con!! Not entirely sure how to behave on the day - do I play it cool and aloof or grab people by the hair and drag them over to my table? Time will tell I suppose. I think I'm as prepared as I'm going to be. I've got a few boxes of The Guys omnibus to sell as well as a shit ton of business cards and a great big roller banner. I was going to cosplay as The Prober but have run out of time to make the costume. Anyway, I'll post here again next week to let you know how it went.

Also, while you're here, check out the first half of the in-progress issue 4 - The Coming of Mind-O!!